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$35.59 | Tommy Bolin - Whirlwind (2LP)   Item 175333  UPC 741157063813

1. Cucumber Jam
2. Heartlight
3. Hoka-Hay!
4. Don't Worry Bout Cash (Acoustic Version)
5. San Francisco River
6. Rock-A-Bye
7. Dungeon
8. Alexis
9. Gotta Dance (Take 2)
10. Spanish Lover (Instrumental Version)
11. Sooner Or Later
12. Red Skies (Instrumental Version)
13. Way It S Always Been
14. Sleepwalker (Instrumental Version)
15. Leave Other People Alone
16. Wild Dogs (Acoustic Version)
17. From Another Time
18. Marching Bag (26 Minute Original Version)

2-LP Set
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Tommy Bolin - Whirlwind (2LP)



$6.99 | Various - Whirlwind: The Phillips International Story (2CD)   Item 150942  UPC 5060255181812

1. Charlie Rich - Whirlwind
2. Carl Mann - Mona Lisa
3. Sonny Burgess - Sadie's Back In Town
4. Johnny Carroll - That's The Way I Love
5. Ernie Barton - Stariway To Nowhere
6. Bill Justis - Raunchy
7. Carl McVoy - Tootsie
8. Mack Self - Mat At You
9. Cliff Thomas (Ed & Barbara) - I'm On My Way Home
10. Eddie Bush - Baby I Don't Care
11. Barbara Pittman - I'm Getting Better All The Time
12. The Hawk (Jerry Lee Lewis) - In The Mood
13. Hayden Thompson - Love My Baby
14. Lee Mitchell - Little Blue Bird Told Me
15. Ken Cook - Crazy Baby
16. Brad Suggs With Orchestra & Chorus - Like, Catchin' Up
17. Cliff Thomas - Sorry I Lied
18. Charlie Rich - Lonely Weekends
19. Bobbie & The Boys - These Silly Blues
20. Carl Mann - I'm Comin' Home
21. Ernie Barton - Open The Door, Richard
22. Buddy Blake - Please Convince Me
23. Wayne Powers - Point Of View
24. Mickey Milan - Somehow Without You
25. Bill Pinky & The Turks - After The Hop
26. Barbara Pittman - Everlasting Love
27. Bill Justis - College Man
28. Charlie Rich - Rebound
29. Carl Mann - Pretend
30. Hayden Thompson - One Broken Heart
31. Carl McVoy - You Are My Sunshine
32. Bill Pinky & The Turks - Sally's Got A Sister
33. Cliff Thomas - All Your Love
34. Sonny Burgess - A Kiss Goodnight
35. Mack Self - Willie Brown
36. Ernie Barton - Rainin' The Blues
37. Jimmy Louis - Your Fool
38. Lee Mitchell - The Frog
39. Bobbie & The Boys - To Tell The Truth
40. Brad Suggs - I Walk The Line
41. Buddy Blake - You Pass Me By
42. Edwin Howard - More Pretty Girls Than One
43. Cliff Thomas - Leave It To Me
44. Johnny Carroll - I'll Wait
45. Ken Cook - I Was A Fool
46. Charlie Rich - On My Knees
47. Ernie Barton - Shut Your Mouth
48. Barbara Pittman - Two Young Fools In Love
49. Carl Mann - The Wayward Wind
50. Wayne Powers - My Love Song

2-CD Set



Various - Whirlwind: The Phillips International Story (2CD)


One Day Music

$14.79 | Whirlwind - In The Studio   Item 144536  UPC 029667414722

1. Hang Loose (I've Gotta Rock)
2. Boppin' High School Baby
3. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
4. My Advice
5. A Thousand Stars
6. One More Chance
7. Don't Be Crazy
8. Rockin' Daddy
9. Slow Down
10. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
11. Together Forever
12. Who's That Knocking?
13. Tore Apart
14. Do What I Do
15. Ducktails
16. I Only Wish (That I'd Been Told)
17. Midnight Blue
18. Teenage Cutie
19. You Got Class
20. Honey Hush
21. Cruisin' Around
22. Stay Cool
23. Running Wild
24. Okie's In The Pokie
25. Heaven Knows
26. Big Sandy
27. Such A Fool
28. Nightmares
29. If It's All The Same To You
30. Stayin' Out All Night




Whirlwind - In The Studio


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