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$9.79 | Various - Super 60s Soul: 75 Soul Classiccs (3CD)   Item 167858  UPC 5060342021236

1. The Miracles - You've Really Got A Hold On Me
2. Mary Wells - Shop Around
3. The Marvelettes - I Want A Guy
4. The Contours - Do You Love Me
5. The Supremes - Your Heart Belongs To Me
6. Marvin Gaye - (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over
7. Stevie Wonder - Ain't That Love
8. Jimmy Ruffin - Don't Feel Sorry For Me
9. Saundra Mallet & The Vandellas - Camel Walk
10. Eddie Holland - It Moves Me
11. Barrett Strong - Whirlwind
12. Martha & The Vandellas - My Baby Won't Come Back
13. The Creations - This Is Our Night
14. Debbie Dean - But I'm Afraid
15. Marv Johnson - Come To Me
16. The Miracles - Money (That's What I Want)
17. The Downbeats - Your Baby's Back
18. Freddie Gorman - The Day Will Come
19. Gino Parks - Same Thing
20. Joe Tex - I'll Never Break Your Heart (Pt. 1)
21. Marvin Gaye - Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
22. Mary Wells - I've Got A Notion 22.
23. The Satintones - Motor City
24. The Temptations - Romance Without Finance
25. The Twistin'Kings - Congo (Pt. 1)
26. Stevie Wonder - Fingertips
27. The Supremes - Never Again
28. Marvin Gaye - Never Let You Go
29. Barrett Strong - You've Got What It Takes
30. Mary Wells - I Don't Want To Take A Chance
31. The Marvelettes - All The Love I've Got
32. The Pirates - Mind Over Matter
33. The Temptations - Check Yourself
34. Chico Leverett - Solid Sender
35. The Miracles - Cause I Love You
36. The Contours - Whole Lotta Woman
37. David Ruffin - I'm In Love
38. The Marvelettes - Please Mr. Postman
39. Eddie Holland - Jamie
40. Debbie Dean - Don't Let Him Shop Around
41. Marv Johnson - Whisper
42. Johnny & Jackey - Someday We'll Be Together
43. Popcorn & The Mohawks - Shimmy Gully
44. Mary Wells - I Love The Way You Love
45. The Miracles - Ain't It Bab
46. Marvin Gaye - Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
47. Barrett Strong - Yes No, Maybe So
48. The Satintones - Going To The Hop
49. Singin'Sammy Ward - That Child Is Really Wild
50. The Five Quails - It's Been A Long Time
51. The Miracles - Shop Around
52. Marvin Gaye - I'm Yours, You're Mine
53. The Twistin' Kings - Congo (Pt. 2)
54. The Contours - The Stretch
55. The Charters - Trouble Lover
56. Barrett Strong - You Knows What To Do
57. Mary Wells - Bye Bye Baby
58. Eddie Holland - Take A Chance On Me
59. Lamont Dozier - Dearest One
60. Debbie Dean - A New Girl
61. Stevie Wonder - Soul Bongo 11.
62. The Vells - You'll Never Cherish A Love So True ('Till You Lose It)
63. Mable John - Who Wouldn't Love A Man Like That
64. Marvin Gaye - Hello There Angel
65. The Supremes - (He's) Seventeen
66. Ron & Bill - It
67. The Marvelettes - Way Over There
68. The Miracles - Bad Girl
69. The Satintones - Tomorrow And Always
70. Mary Wells - Come To Me
71. Barrett Strong - Misery
72. The Temptations - Oh, Mother Of Mine
73. Sherri Taylor & Singin'Sammy Ward - Lover
74. The Vells - There He Is (At My Door)
75. Shorty Long - I'll Be Here 25. 25.

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Various - Super 60s Soul: 75 Soul Classiccs (3CD)


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