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Everything on the website is factory new unless the words "USED ITEM: " are displayed next to the item. In every search result, used items will appear after the new items if there are any used items in stock.

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$14.79 | Dana Gillespie - Blues It Up   Item 146234  UPC 029667195027

1. A Lotta What You Got
2. My Man Stands Out
3. Fat Sam From Birmingham
4. Sweet Meat
5. Ugly Papa
6. Sweets
7. King Size Papa
8. One Hour Mama
9. Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy
10. Don't You Make Me High
11. Big Ten Inch Record
12. Below The Belt
13. Long Lean Baby
14. Tongue In Cheek
15. Meat Balls
16. Wasn't That Good
17. Joe's Joint
18. Organ Grinder Blues
19. Come On (If You're Coming)
20. Nosey Joe
21. It Ain't The Meat
22. Sixty Minute Man
23. Snatch And Grab It




Dana Gillespie - Blues It Up


Ace Records

$8.79 | Dana Gillespie - Cat's Meow   Item 181952  UPC 029667060226

1. Cat's Meow
2. Love Matters
3. Eternally Yours
4. Eureka Moment
5. Last Chance Saloon
6. Hands Of Hope
7. Love Moves
8. Running Out Of Steam
9. It's Alchemy
10. Two Faced Girls
11. Giving Out To Everyone


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Dana Gillespie - Cat's Meow


Ace Records

$14.79 | Dana Gillespie - Experienced   Item 146276  UPC 029667175227

1. Experienced
2. Tough Love
3. One Kiss x 108
4. Something Coming
5. Break Down The Door
6. Ten Ton Blocks
7. Crying For The Moon
8. There Will Always Be A New Tomorrow
9. Try Me
10. Happy Birthday Blues
11. Me Without You
12. Take It Like A Man




Dana Gillespie - Experienced


Ace Records

$14.79 | Dana Gillespie - Hot Stuff   Item 144318  UPC 029667160520

1. Lovin' Machine
2. Pencil Thin Papa
3. Easy Does It
4. Meat On Their Bones
5. Raise A Little Hell
6. Empty Bed Blues
7. Play With Your Poodle
8. Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again
9. Too Many Drivers
10. Sailor's Delight
11. Built For Comfort
12. Fat Meat Is Good Meat
13. Hot Stuff
14. Tall Skinny Papa
15. Big Car
16. Spoonful
17. Diggin' My Potatoes
18. Mainline Baby
19. Pint Size Papa
20. Horizontal Boogie




Dana Gillespie - Hot Stuff


Ace Records

$14.79 | Dana Gillespie - I Rest My Case   Item 144451  UPC 029667042826

1. Funk Me, It's Hot!
2. It's Gonna Be A Long Night
3. Twentyfour Seven
4. When Cries Become Sighs
5. Your Love Is True
6. Strange Are The Ways Of Love
7. Game Over
8. The House Of The Blues
9. Guilty As Hell
10. I Rest My Case
11. Wall-To-Wall Love
12. Unify
13. Could've, Should've, Would've




Dana Gillespie - I Rest My Case


Ace Records

$14.79 | Dana Gillespie - Staying Power   Item 144475  UPC 029667189125

1. Sweet Tooth
2. No Surprises
3. Timeless
4. Staying Power
5. Put My Anchor Down
6. It's What He's Got
7. Still In Your Arms
8. I Sigh For You
9. Big Picture
10. All Loved Up
11. You're The Star




Dana Gillespie - Staying Power


Ace Records

$11.09 | Dana Gilluespie - Live With The London Blues Band   Item 143840  UPC 029667026321

1. Big Boy
2. Your Mind Is On Vacation
3. Ten Ton Blocks
4. Big Daddy Blues
5. Experienced
6. Be My Sugar
7. Up Your Sleeve
8. Too Blue To Boogie
9. Timeless
10. Staying Power
11. St Louis Blues
12. A Lotta What You Got




Dana Gilluespie - Live With The London Blues Band


Ace Records

$13.79 | Yahadanai - One Atonement   Item 68345  UPC 724101854729

1. Rise
2. Wadada
3. Gratitude
4. Light
5. Best Thing (With Pressure)
6. Things They Do
7. Chant Out (With Abja)
8. Warfare
9. One Atonement
10. Roman Soldiers
11. Mama Love
12. Babylon Toy
13. Mosiah Chant (With Marcus Mosiah Garvey)
14. Rise In Dub

Roots reggae from the US Virgin Islands

BASS: Gregory Bassie, Kenyata, Laurent Alfred
DRUMS: Laurent Alfred, Tuff Lion
GUITAR: Laurent Alfred, Tuff Lion
KEYBOARDS: Laurent Alfred, Abja, Eric Williams
PIANO: Laurent Alfred
ORGAN: Laurent Alfred, Tuff Lion

ENGINEERED BY: Laurent Alfred



Yahadanai - One Atonement


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