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"Keith Hudson" 8 items found


$6.49 | Keith Hudson - Entering The Dragon   Item 83243  UPC 5050159932627

1. Blackbelt Jones (Entering The Dragon)
2. Man From Shooters Hill
3. Will You Come Out Tonight (Don't Stay Away)
4. Now That You're Leaving (No Way)
5. Rage Of Love (Now That You're Leaving Dub)
6. Too Possessive And You Know It Baby (Fly Away)
7. War War
8. Like You Going To A Fair (You're Still A Little Girl)
9. You're Still A Little Girl Dub
10. It Was When Friends Started To Talk About You (I Never Heard About You)
11. I Don't Know You Dub
12. Oh No Not My Baby
13. Words So True Dub
14. Misery
15. Light Of Day
16. I Thought You Knew
17. All I Need Is Your True Loving
18. Bandaloo Skank (Musical Jest)
19. All That We Need Is Love
20. Love Version
21. The Exile Song (Adisababa)
22. In The Burning Sun (Jah Ho)
23. Strayed In Babylon
24. Skin Him Alive
25. Musical Rock
26. Entering The Dragon (Blackbelt Jones Version)
27. Lightning And Thunder
28. Like I'm Dying
29. Shoulder To Shoulder
30. Shoulder Rock

Attention all record labels: This is how a reissue should be done!!! Entering The Dragon is finally available again and has 15 bonus tracks! Includes a beautiful booklet with rare artwork, liner notes, etc. A very nice companion to the "Hudson Affair" collection. Deleted soon after its original issue in 1974, 'Entering The Dragon' features a selection of highly sought-after Keith Hudson productions from the early 1970's. Hudson's original albums command some of the highest prices (his works are among the most sought-after in all of reggae).

BACKED BY: Soul Syndicate, Barnabus, Dino Perkins, Alton Ellis, Skiddy, Detroit

Sale price ends soon



Keith Hudson - Entering The Dragon


Trojan Fan Club

$14.79 | Keith Hudson - Jammys Dub Encounter   Item 198983  UPC 054645256513




Keith Hudson - Jammys Dub Encounter



$11.09 | Keith Hudson - Rasta Communication   Item 57559  UPC 601811000526

1. Rasta Communication
2. Felt We Felt The Strain
3. Bloody Eyes
4. Rasta Country
5. I Broke The Comb
6. I'm Not Satisfied
7. I'm No Fool
8. Jonah
9. Musicology
10. I Won't Compromise
11. Nah Skin Up (12" mix)

VOCALS: Keith Hudson
BACKING VOCALS: Paget King, Stickman, Lisa Strike, Keith Hudson
BASS: Ranchie, Fully
DRUMS: Sly, Fish Clarke
RHYTHM GUITAR: Robbie, Chinna, Ranchie, Gitsy
PIANO: Theo Beckford, Tarzan
ORGAN: Theo Beckford, Tarzan, Keith Hudson, Ken Elliot
PERCUSSION: Tony Brother
CONGOS: Tony Brother

PRODUCED BY: Keith Hudson
RECORDED AT: Randy's, Channel One, Chalk Farm
MIXED BY: Prince Jammy
MIXED AT: King Tubby's
ENGINEERED BY: Clive Chin, L McKenzie, Sid Bucknor



Keith Hudson - Rasta Communication



$15.79 | Keith Hudson - Rasta Communication In Dub   Item 191567  UPC 601811210017

1. Rub Dub
2. Felt The Strain Dub
3. My Eyes Are Red Dub
4. National Item
5. I Broke The Comb Dub
6. Barrabas Dub
7. Image Dub
8. (Jonah) Come Out Now Version
9. Musicology Dub
10. Darkness Dub




Keith Hudson - Rasta Communication In Dub



$10.19 | Keith Hudson - Torch Of Freedom   Item 150495  UPC 5013929940123

1. Lost All Sense Of Direction
2. Jah Jah
3. Don't Look At Me So
4. Look At Me
5. Don't Let The Teardrops Fool You
6. Teardrops
7. Like I'm Dying
8. Turn The Heater On
9. So Cold Without You
10. Five More Minutes Of Your Time
11. My Time
12. Torch Of Freedom
13. Freedom Movements

Whether you know him as The Dark Prince Of Reggae, the Ghetto Dentist or just plain Keith, the legendary artist and producer Keith Hudson created some of the most idiosyncratic, innovative and atmospheric reggae that ever came out of Jamaica and Hot Milk Records are proud to present the uber- rare "Torch Of Freedom" as its first ever release. Hot Milk is a new label dedicated to re-issuing lost and hard to find roots reggae, dub and dancehall albums from the golden age of Jamaican music. Hudson was famous for his productions for reggae greats such as U Roy (Dynamic Fashion Way), Big Youth (S.90 Skank)and Dennis Alcapone (Spanish Amigo) before moving on to concentrate on his own singing. What followed was a groundbreaking and completely unique body of work that was arguably never bettered by any reggae producer. "Torch Of Freedom" is one more missing piece of the Keith Hudson discography that has gained a large following and re-issue treatment in the last few years after being out of print for so long. "Torch Of Freedom"fits neatly besides Keith Hudson's other classic albums such as "Pick A Dub", "Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood" and "Playing It Cool, Playing It Right"and shows the unique sound and vision of what Hudson's work as an artist and producer was all about. Extensive essay provided by John Masouri, plus many rare photos. Contains the original artwork and has been unavailable for many years.

BASS: Familyman, Robbie, Fully
DRUMS: Carlton Barrett, Santa
GUITAR: John, Chinna
LEAD GUITAR: Buster Pearson
PERCUSSION: William Brown
HARMONICA: William Brown

PRODUCED BY: Keith Hudson
ENGINEERED BY: Neil Richardson
REMIXED BY: Sid Bucknor
REMIXED AT: Chalk Farm, Morgan Studios

Sale price ends soon



Keith Hudson - Torch Of Freedom


Cherry Red/Hot Milk

$12.89 | Keith Hudson - Tuff Gong Encounter   Item 198982  UPC 054645252720




Keith Hudson - Tuff Gong Encounter



$15.79 | Keith Hudson - Tuff Gong Encounter   Item 199509  UPC 054645252713




Keith Hudson - Tuff Gong Encounter



$17.49 | USED ITEM: Keith Hudson - Nuh Skin Up (With Soul Syndicate)   Item 152292

1. Ire Ire
2. Troubles
3. Dreadful Words Dub
4. Nuh Skin Up Dub
5. Mercy
6. Bad Things Dub
7. Keeping Us Together
8. Desiree Dub
9. No Commitment
10. Words Dub
11. Bad Things Dub (Version 2)

Used CD. Guaranteed to play as new. The rarest of Keith Hudson's dub albums, originally released in 1979 in a plain sleeve in VERY limited quantities. The usual Pressure Sounds treatment (great notes, artwork, etc.) Outstanding!

BACKED BY: Soul Sydicate
BASS: Fully Fullwood, Robbie
DRUMS: Santa Davis
GUITAR: Tony Chin, Chinna Smith
KEYBOARDS: Fully Fullwood, Touter Harvey, Keith Sterling

PRODUCED BY: Keith Hudson, Jr. Walker



USED ITEM: Keith Hudson - Nuh Skin Up (With Soul Syndicate)


Pressure Sounds

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