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$29.99 | BB King - The Vintage Years (4CD)(Box set)   Item 171152  UPC 029667000826

1. 3 O'clock Blues
2. You Know I Love You
3. Woke Up This Morning
4. Please Love Me
5. Blind Love
6. You Upset Me Baby
7. Every Day I Have The Blues
8. Ten Long Years
9. Crying Won't Help You
10. Did You Ever Love A Woman
11. Bad Luck
12. Sweet Little Angel
13. Why I Sing The Blues
14. Worry Worry
15. Sweet Sixteen
16. My Own Fault Aka It's My Fault
17. Good Man Gone Bad
18. I'll Survive
19. Walking Dr Bill
20. You're Breaking My Heart
21. Gonna Miss You Around Here
22. Downhearted (How Blue Can You Get?)
23. Ain't Nobody's Business
24. Rock Me Baby
25. BB Boogie
26. Mistreated Woman
27. Other Night Blues
28. Walkin And Cryin
29. My Baby's Gone
30. Don't You Want A Man Like Me
31. She's Dynamite
32. BB Blues
33. A New Way Of Driving
34. Questionnaire Blues
35. Hard Workin Woman
36. She's A Mean Woman
37. Pray For You
38. That Ain't The Way To Do It
39. She Don't Move Me No More
40. Fine Lookin Woman
41. My Own Fault Darlin Aka It's My Fault
42. Shake It Up And Go
43. Gotta Find My Baby
44. Some Day Somewhere
45. You Didn't Want Me
46. Story From My Heart And Soul
47. Boogie Woogie Woman
48. Highway Bound
49. Neighbourhood Affair
50. Why Did You Leave Me
51. Praying To The Lord
52. Please Help Me
53. Love You Baby Aka Take A Swing With Me
54. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer
55. Woman I Love
56. Everything I Do Is Wrong
57. Whole Lotta Love
58. Boogie Rock Aka House Rocker
59. Dark Is The Night Pt.1
60. Dark Is The Night Pt.2
61. Let's Do The Boogie
62. Sweet Little Angel
63. Confessin The Blues
64. Baby Look At You
65. You Don't Know
66. Be Careful With A Fool
67. Recession Blues
68. Days Of Old
69. You Know I Go For You
70. Don't Look Now But I've Got The Blues
71. Sweet Thing
72. I've Got Papers On You Baby
73. Tomorrow Is Another Day
74. Sneakin Around
75. Please Accept My Love
76. Early In The Morning
77. On My Word Of Honor
78. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
79. Why Not
80. Precious Lord
81. I'm King
82. Baby Please Don't Go
83. Mean Old Frisco
84. I've Got A Right To Love My Baby
85. Fishin After Me Aka Catfish Blues
86. Partin Time
87. Bad Luck Soul
88. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
89. Get Out Of Here
90. Hold That Train
91. Bad Case Of Love
92. Let Me Love You
93. Mashed Potato Twist
94. Got Em Bad
95. Christmas Celebration
96. Down Now
97. Beautician Blues
98. Worst Thing In My Life
99. Blue Shadows
100. It's A Mean World
101. Five Long Years
102. Make Me Blue
103. Blues Stay Away From Me
104. The Jungle
105. That Evil Child

4-CD Set
This item is housed in a box

EBrecords "EXTRA CARE" packaging: Since this item is a box set, we go beyond our usual "overkill" strong packaging to make sure it will arrive in perfect condition. No mail-order music company packages orders with the same care and durability as EBrecords. This item will be securely double-boxed, with a wide spacer between the boxes so that it can absorb massive abuse during transit. Our packaging is designed so that the box can be dropped several times from 5 feet high onto a corner without damaging the contents. Our boxes can be dropped, kicked, ran over, or even dropped from a helicopter (the exact words from a customer's feedback review). Everything we sell is packed with this in mind, however we wanted to let you know that we go even further when packaging box sets. Of course, there is not additional charge for this extra care; your shipping cost can be viewed in your shopping cart as usual. Order with 100% confidence from EBrecords, because delivery in factory-new condition is guaranteed.

33% off, this week only!



BB King - The Vintage Years (4CD)(Box set)


Ace Records

$22.89 | Canned Heat - Vintage (COLORED VINYL)   Item 183573  UPC 741157179811

1. Spoonful
2. Big Road Blues
3. Rollin' And Tumblin'
4. Got My Mojo Working
5. Pretty Thing
6. Louise
7. Dimples
8. Can't Hold On Much Longer
9. Straight Ahead
10. Rollin' And Tumblin (With Harmonica)

Colored vinyl



Canned Heat - Vintage (COLORED VINYL)



$14.79 | Champs, The - Wing Ding: Vintage Unissued & Rare Sides From The Challenge Vaults   Item 150014  UPC 029667146029

1. Wing Ding
2. TNT
3. Percolator
4. Swanee River Blues
5. Baja
6. Roughneck
7. Istanbul
8. Stampede
9. Shiverin, And Shakin
10. Lowdown
11. Siesta
12. Volkswagen
13. Suicide Aka Panic Button
14. Cherokee Stomp
15. Shiver
16. Rockin, Crickets
17. Fireball
18. Hot Line
19. You Are My Sunshine
20. Wildwood Flower
21. Clubhouse
22. Eternal Love
23. The Rattler
24. 20,000 Leagues
25. Double Eagle Rock
26. Jumping Bean
27. The Man From Durango
28. Roots




Champs, The - Wing Ding: Vintage Unissued & Rare Sides From The Challenge Vaults


Ace Records

$14.79 | John Lee Hooker - Blues Brother: 24 Vintage Sensation Recordings 1948-1951   Item 144471  UPC 029667140522

1. Boogie Chillen
2. Rollin' Blues
3. I Need Lovin' (Aka Tease Me Over Baby
4. Grinder Man
5. Women In My Life
6. My Baby's Got Something
7. Momma Poppa Boogie
8. Sailing Blues
9. Graveyard Blues
10. Huckle Up Baby
11. Alberta
12. Boogie Chillen # 2
13. Three Long Years Today
14. Do My Baby Think Of Me?
15. Burnin' Hell
16. Goin' On Highway 51
17. Sail On Little Girl, Sail On
18. Alberta - Part 2
19. 21 Boogie
20. Find Me A Woman (Aka I'm Gonna Git Me A Woman)
21. Hastings Street Boogie
22. Canal Street Blues
23. War Is Over (Goodbye California)
24. Henry's Swing Club




John Lee Hooker - Blues Brother: 24 Vintage Sensation Recordings 1948-1951


Ace Records

$12.39 | Randy's Vintage Dub Selection - Dubbing At Randy's   Item 62969  UPC 5036848001454

1. natty Inna Babylon Dub
2. Jah Jah's Dub Children
3. Dub Broke My Heart
4. Dub Direction
5. High On A Thing Called Dub
6. Dub Me Girl
7. Can't Get Dub Out
8. At The Turning Point Of Dub
9. I Need Some Dub
10. A Laid Back Dub Tune
11. Grooving Out On Dub
12. Gift Of Dub
13. It's A Dubbing Lie
14. Dub Feelings

BASS: Robbie, Family Man, Lloyd Parks
DRUMS: Sly, Santa Davis, Carlton Barrett
RHYTHM GUITAR: Tony Chin, Bo Peep
ALTO SAX: Lennox Brown
TENOR SAX: Tommy McCook
TROMBONE: Vin Gordon
TRUMPET: Bobby Ellis
PIANO: Ansel Collins, Winston Wright
ORGAN: Ansel Collins, Winston Wright




Randy's Vintage Dub Selection - Dubbing At Randy's


Jamaican Recordings UK

$5.79 | Randy's Vintage Dub Selection - Natty Inna Babylon Dub / Dub Feeling; It's A Dubbing Lie   Item 61946

1. Randy's Vintage Dub Selection - Natty Inna Babylon Dub
2. Dub Feeling
3. It's A Dubbing Lie

UK press * 1975


24% off, this week only!



Randy's Vintage Dub Selection - Natty Inna Babylon Dub / Dub Feeling; It's A Dubbing Lie


Jamaican Recordings UK

$14.79 | Various - The Johnny Otis Show: Vintage 1950s Broadcasts From Los Angeles   Item 144409  UPC 029667198127

1. Johnny Otis and His Orchestra - Johnny Otis Signature
2. Lula Reed - Bump On A Log
3. Various - Le Coiffeur Ad
4. Billy Ward & his Dominoes - I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
5. Various - Charles Ltd Ad/Outro
6. Various - Maury Wills Spot
7. The Johnny Otis Band - Soft
8. Various - Metropolitan Ford Ad
9. The Penguins - Sweet Love
10. Johnny Otis - Willie And The Hand Jive
11. Various - El Monte/Laguna Park Ad
12. Marie Adams - One Sweet Letter
13. The Johnny Otis Band - Harlem Nocturne/Bye Bye Baby (Until We Meet Again)
14. Various - House Party PA
15. The Johnny Otis Band - One O'Clock Jump
16. Marie Adams - Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean
17. The Johnny Otis Band - Midnight At The Barrelhouse
18. The Johnny Otis Band - All Night Long
19. Little Arthur Matthews - I Don't Know (Strut That Thing)
20. Marie Adams - Baby Don't Do It
21. The Johnny Otis Band - Flyin' Home
22. Various - New Johnny Otis Show Spot
23. Johnny Otis & Orchestra vocal by the Jayos - Tough Enough
24. Kip Tyler & the Flips - Jungle Hop
25. Various - Slim Gaillard/Kingfish Skit
26. Don & Dewey - Justine
27. Various - Thunderbird Club/Duttons Records Ads
28. Jeani Mack - Dirty Dishes
29. The Mermaids - Not Too Young
30. Various - Sulphur 8 Ad
31. Larry Williams - The Dummy




Various - The Johnny Otis Show: Vintage 1950s Broadcasts From Los Angeles


Ace Records

$4.99 | Various - Vintage Collection: Jazz (3CD)   Item 196822  UPC 5024952604586

3-CD Set



Various - Vintage Collection: Jazz (3CD)



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