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$2.99 | Ras Shiloh - Listen Well   Item 46402

1. Hardcore
2. Zion Calling
3. Asking Thee To Spare
4. Onto Zion
5. Look Into The Road
6. Why The Good Die Young
7. Don't Go Astray
8. What's The Meaning Life
9. Sounds Of Silence
10. Tainted Love
11. The Good Lord

PRODUCED BY: Morgan Heritage, Tony Rebel, Xterminator, Don One, Who Dun It, Mystic Revealers, Mr. Take Care Of Business, Buck Down, Boot Camp Clik, Norrob, HiFi Killers, NoNiki Music
Ras Shiloh - Listen Well   Who Dun It  1999
$3.49 | TOK - Unknown Language (2 LP)   Item 75413

1. Hey Ladies
2. Solid As A Rock
3. Fire Fire
4. She's Hotter
5. Tell Me If You Still Care
6. Footprints
7. Wah Gwaan
8. Wurvivor
9. Music's Pumping
10. Weak
11. No Way Jose
12. High
13. Galang Gal
14. Neck Breakers
15. Gal You Ah Lead
16. Unknown Language

TOK - Unknown Language (2 LP)   VP  2005
$3.99 | Jerry Harris - Spreading All Over   Item 72279

1. Spreading All Over
2. Out Of Control
3. Hungry People
4. Leave Out Badness
5. Rastaman Song
6. I Want Your Love
7. Natural High
8. You Can Make It
9. I'm So Glad
10. Mix Music

BASS: Robert Simmons
DRUMS: Fabian Cook
GUITAR: Ronald Murphy
PIANO: Sydney Mills, Wille Ho Chin

RECORDED AT: A.R. Studio, Quadrasonic, Omega
Jerry Harris - Spreading All Over   Procedure  1987
$3.99 | Phillip Frazer - Never Let Go   Item 24335

1. Place In The Sun
2. Friday Night
3. Please Stay
4. Wish It Was Me
5. I'll Be Lonely
6. I'm Holding On
7. Never Let Go
8. Country Boy
9. La La Mean I Love You
10. Dark End Of The Street

BACKED BY: Fire House Crew
BASS: Christopher Meredith, Fully
DRUMS: Squiddley Cole, Anthony Thomas, Santa
GUITAR: Chinna, Tony Chin, Leroy 'Badness' Penecooke
KEYBOARDS: Christopher Meredith, Robbie Lyn

PRODUCED BY: Phillip Frazer
RECORDED AT: Jammys, Channel One, Dynamic, Bobby Digital Studio
MIXED BY: Ruddy Thomas, Bobby Digital, Mikey Riley, Fatman, S Morrison, Scientist
Phillip Frazer - Never Let Go   Roots Tradition  1982-1990
$3.99 | Phillip Frazer - Sharp Like A Razor   Item 14639

1. Watch This Sound
2. Siren
3. Get Ready
4. Night Shift
5. Wake Up Suzie
6. Unchained Melody
7. My Prayer
8. Don't Cry
9. River Jordan
10. Closer Together

BASS: Fabian Cook, Flabba, Christopher Meredith
DRUMS: Fabian Cooke, Horsemouth, Squiddly, Style
GUITAR: Fabian Cooke, Bingy
KEYBOARDS: Steelie, Fabian Cooke, Christopher Meredith
HORNS: Dean Fraser
CLARINET: Philip Fraser, Triston Palmer, Fabian Cooke, Jennifer Lara, Conrad Crystal, Frankie Jones

RECORDED AT: Channel One, I & I Sound, Black Scorpio, Music Asylum, Leggo, Tuff Gong, Aquarius
ENGINEERED BY: Riley, I & I, Palmer, Soljie, Chris, Culture Lee, Tony Kelly
Phillip Frazer - Sharp Like A Razor   Roots Tradition  1984-1994
$3.99 | Red Rat - I'm A Big Kid Now   Item 50401

1. Put Yuh Hands Up
2. Best Friends (with Ghost)
3. I'm A Big Kid Now
4. Island Boy (with Treach and Italee Watson)
5. Little Miss Buffett
6. Oh Wow (Ish)
7. Fat Girl Slim (with Goofy)
8. Taiye (Mi Fuss Yute)
9. Thinking Of You (with Curtis Lynch Jr & Kele Le Roc)
10. Right Now
11. Support Yuh Mada
12. My Boy Red Rat (with Crissy D)

Red Rat - I'm A Big Kid Now   Greensleeves  2000
$3.99 | Robert Ffrench, Delroy Wilson, Wayne Wade, Jimmy Riley, Etc. - Joe Frasier Presents   Item 35150

1. Jimmy Riley & Michelle Gordon - Private Number
2. Larry Marshall - I Admire You
3. Tony Curtis - I Wanna Be Down
4. Delroy Wilson - Sharing The Night Together
5. Merlene Webber - Guest Who
6. Bunny Maloney - Baby I'm Missing You
7. Mary Ann - Breathe Again
8. Pay Kelly - Song For You
9. Jimmy Riley - On Bended Knees
10. Larry Marshall - Can't You Understand
11. Wayne Wade - Slow Dancing
12. Barbara Jones - Boy Name Junior

PRODUCED BY: Lloyd Campbell, Michell Campbell, Willie Lindo
Robert Ffrench, Delroy Wilson, Wayne Wade, Jimmy Riley, Etc. - Joe Frasier Presents   Joe Fraser  1995
$3.99 | Sugar Belly - The Return Of Sugar Belly   Item 18726

1. Yellow Bird
2. Peel Head John Crow
3. Miss Mary Ann
4. Occupation
5. Belly Beet
6. Hansome Gal
7. Pain A Back
8. Rugumbine
9. Fire In A Mi Wire
10. Sugar Boy

BACKED BY: Winston Wright, Bo Peep

PRODUCED BY: Winston Riley, Soljie
Sugar Belly - The Return Of Sugar Belly   Techniques  1985
$3.99 | Turbulence - I Believe   Item 75802

1. Selassie Interlude
2. We Need Love
3. What The Hell
4. You're An Angel
5. Mama Don't Cry
6. Got To Be Smart
7. I Mean Every Word
8. Sweet And Pretty (With Prince Javed)
9. High Grade
10. I Believe
11. Taking Over

BASS: Robbie, Michael Fletcher
DRUMS: Sly, Paul Castic
GUITAR: Rudy Valentine, Mitchum Chin
KEYBOARDS: Danny Thomas, Steven Stanley, Danny Marshall, Chris Birch
SAX: Dean Fraser

RECORDED AT: Steven Stanley Studio
Turbulence - I Believe   M Records/Twilight Circus  2005
$4.99 | Ezra - Dub To Me   Item 154168

1. Dub To Me
2. Habibi Dub
3. Intergalactic Ship
4. Entropia Dub
5. Supernova Dub
6. Hypercompact Stellar System
7. Hypercompact Stellar System (Howie B Remix)

Bold dub album from the Turin, Italy based dub/dubstep/electronic label. Seven dub tracks blending heavy basslines and electronics with numerous acoustic instruments, including the vibraphone, melodica, fender rhodes and more. Features some of the top Italian reggae musicians.
Ezra - Dub To Me   Nomad Records  2013
$4.99 | Fred Locks - Love Don't Take No Holiday (EP, 6 Tracks)   Item 97960

1. Fred Locks - Love Don't Take No Holiday
2. Rain Dub
3. Summer Rain
4. P Tah - Accompong
5. The Enhancer Dub
6. Accompong Dub

Collaboration with Fred Locks performing over a crisp new roots sound from producer David O. Vocal production by P-Tah in Jamaica at Computer Paul's Studio.

PRODUCED BY: David Ondrick
Fred Locks - Love Don't Take No Holiday (EP, 6 Tracks)   Duplex Music  2007
$4.99 | Gyptian - My Name Is Gyptian   Item 81802

1. Beng Beng
2. Ma Ma
3. Beautiful Lady
4. You Never Know
5. Around The World
6. Serious Times
7. Take Me Higher
8. Through The Valley (With Roundhead)
9. Woman I Love You (With Teflon)
10. School Girl
11. Take My Money
12. Keep On Knocking

Gyptian - My Name Is Gyptian   VP  2006
$4.99 | Poirier, Face T, Burro Banton, YT - Run The Riddim (4 Tracks)   Item 117156

1. Enemies (With Face T)
2. Trust None Of Dem (With Burro Banton)
3. Gyal Secret Pictures (With MC Zulu)
4. Let Them Hate (With YT)

Poirier, Face T, Burro Banton, YT - Run The Riddim (4 Tracks)   Ninja Tune  2009
$4.99 | Sizzla - Ain't Gonna See Us Fall   Item 79262

1. Ain't Gonna See Us Fall
2. People Need Love
3. Judgement Tek Dem
4. Sad Mistake
5. Rich And Beautiful
6. Run Out Pon Dem
7. Kill Yuh
8. I'm With The Girls
9. Hot Like Fire
10. Knowing Each Other
11. Stop Fighting
12. Thanks And Praise

Sizzla - Ain't Gonna See Us Fall   VP  2006
$4.99 | Sizzla - Crucial Times   Item 118390

1. Precious Gift
2. Crucial Time
3. Take A Stand
4. Agriculture And Education
5. Charming
6. Jolly Goot Time
7. Rat Race
8. There's No Pain
9. Sufferation And Poverty
10. Foundation
11. Progress
12. Get Rid Ah Dem

Sizzla - Crucial Times   Greensleeves  2010
$4.99 | Sizzla - Life   Item 69749

1. Things Will Be Better
2. Stay In Tune
3. Mortal Man (With Thriller U)
4. Marijuana
5. Haven't I Told You
6. We Got The Love
7. Jah Works
8. Life
9. Greater One
10. Ain't That Nice
11. Jah Love
12. One In My Life

Sizzla - Life   Greensleeves  2004
$4.99 | Sizzla - Rise To The Occasion   Item 63845

1. Rise To The Occasion
2. All Is Well
3. Give Me A Try
4. Give Praises
5. The One
6. I Was Born
7. Don't Trouble Us
8. Nice & Lovely
9. Know Yourself
10. In The Mood
11. Fire Blaze
12. True Love

Released 10-7-03. One of Sizzla's best.
Sizzla - Rise To The Occasion   Greensleeves  2003
$4.99 | Sizzla - Words Of Truth   Item 49952

1. Lift Mine Eyes
2. Enemies Are Confounded
3. Think Positive
4. Love Love
5. Every Move That I Make
6. Attack
7. Words Of Truth
8. Powers Of The Earth
9. Them No Good
10. Love Ah Di Way
11. Uplift Your Standard
12. Praise

Sizzla - Words Of Truth   VP  2000
$4.99 | Sparrow Dragon - Again   Item 40740

1. Dragon Dance
2. Let me Try Again
3. Sad Sweet Dreamer
4. Obeah Wedding
5. And I Love Her So
6. The Hustle
7. My Way
8. No Kind Of Man At All
9. If
10. Again

BACKED BY: Byron Lee, The Dragonaires
BACKING VOCALS: J. Smith, Y. Smith, J. Samarth
BASS: C Robb, M Wilson
DRUMS: P. Douglas, G. Bailey, K. Tsiasasue
GUITAR: C Wears, G Mendoza
SAX: J. Smorth, Ossie Scott, A. Sommers
TROMBONE: J. Franscique, U. Johnson
TRUMPET: Alan Franciss, L. Williams, W. Thomas
PIANO: N. Hinds, D. Bowen
ORGAN: N. Hinds, G. Mendoza
PERCUSSION: J. Gray, C. Brady, K. Lyn, C. Headley

PRODUCED BY: Byron Lee, S Francisco
ENGINEERED BY: H Graeme Goodall, RL Logan
Sparrow Dragon - Again   SpaLee  1975
$4.99 | TOK - My Crew, My Dawgs   Item 54580

1. Prophecy (Intro)
2. Man Ah Bad Man (with Bounty Killer)
3. Chi Chi Man
4. Gimmi Da Muzik (with Shabba Ranks)
5. The Way You Do The Things You Do (Acapella Interlude)
6. Money 2 Burn
7. Mona Lisa (2002 Style)
8. All Day
9. Ghetto Youths Anthem (Interlude)
10. Keep It Blazing
11. Eagles Cry
12. Gun Shy
13. You Ah Murder
14. On The Radio
15. Watch & Protect (Interlude)
16. I Believe

TOK - My Crew, My Dawgs   VP  2001
$4.99 | Trump Jack All Stars - Trump Jack In Dub (ORIGINAL PRESS)   Item 21308

1. Dance Crasher
2. Tricked By The Angels
3. Fair Maiden
4. Charades
5. The Golden Midnight
6. Thunderstorms
7. Praying mantis
8. Sweeping Doves
9. Chimes tease
10. Thai Princess

BACKED BY: Trump Jack All Stars

PRODUCED BY: Morris Wellington, Cleveland Brown
ENGINEERED BY: D Kennedy, Phillip Smart
Trump Jack All Stars - Trump Jack In Dub (ORIGINAL PRESS)   Trump Jack  1989
$5.99 | Nicodemus - Serious Nicodemus Volume 2: Nicodemus Meets Roots Radics At Channel One   Item 91913

1. Scorpian Sting Me Granny
2. How You Look Girl Pon The Street
3. Love A Man Skank
4. Wife Just A Cherish Me
5. God Knows Who
6. Keen It In A Ten
7. I Don't Know Why
8. I Can't Take My Mother In Law

Before Super Cat, Jr. Cat and even Sean Paul (maybe stretching it a bit) there was Mr. Fabulous, the talented and original bubbler from Mandeville. Here are some rare tracks recorded at Channel One. Limited to 1,000 copies!

BASS: Flabba Holt
DRUMS: Lincoln Style Scott
LEAD GUITAR: Dwight Pickney
RHYTHM GUITAR: Eric Bingy Bunny Lamot
KEYBOARDS: Steely Johnson
HORNS: Tommy McCook, David Madden, Dean Frazer
PIANO: Gladstone Anderson

PRODUCED BY: Blacka, Bingy, Flabba
RECORDED AT: Channel One
MIXED BY: Scientist
Nicodemus - Serious Nicodemus Volume 2: Nicodemus Meets Roots Radics At Channel One   Sound System  1981-1982
$5.99 | Ras Obi - Xterminate Hate   Item 131517

1. Touch My Hand (Kwem Naka)
2. A Ras In Every Country
3. Dem Never Glorify
4. King Of Glory
5. African Love
6. Don't Be Offended
7. Credit Crunch
8. Flash Your Locks
9. I Won't Cry
10. You're A Teaser
11. You're Not The One
12. Lord Of My Righteousness
13. Xterminate Hate
14. Thank You Father

Ras Obi - Xterminate Hate   Roots International  2011
$6.99 | Captain Sinbad - Seven Voyages Of Captain Sinbad   Item 100203

1. Bam Salute
2. All Over Me
3. Wa Dat
4. Girls Girls
5. Sugar Ray
6. Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger
7. Construction Plan
8. Fisherman
9. Morning Teacher
10. Mary Moore

Great Roots Radics rhythms all the way through! Bam Salute in a WICKED track, on the Eek A Mouse - Ganja Smuggling rhythm; All Over Me is in the Eek A Mouse - Wa Do Dem rhythm; Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger is on yet another Eek A Mouse rhtyhm ("Crime") which is one of our favorite Eek tracks. Mary Moore is on the Barrington Levy - Bounty Hunter rhythm. This release never seemed to get the attention it deserved, perhaps because back in 1982 there was just too much good stuff out there!!!

BACKED BY: Roots Radics

PRODUCED BY: Junjo Lawes
RECORDED AT: Channel One
MIXED BY: Scientist
MIXED AT: Channel One
ENGINEERED BY: Soljie, Scientist
Captain Sinbad - Seven Voyages Of Captain Sinbad   Greensleeves  1982
$6.99 | Josey Wales - The Outlaw   Item 180899

1. It A Fi Burn
2. Love I Want
3. Can't Put It On
4. Beg You Come Home
5. Jam It Again
6. Let Go Mi Hand
7. No Bother Tax Me
8. Stalk Of Sensimilla
9. Music Diseases
10. Asking For Love

BACKED BY: Roots Radics

PRODUCED BY: Junjo Lawes
RECORDED AT: Channel One
MIXED AT: Channel One
Josey Wales - The Outlaw   Greensleeves  1983

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