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"Lustre Kings" 12 items found


$10.89 | Al Pancho - Joy Bells Ringing   Item 109444  UPC 810523011984

1. Joy Bells Ringing
2. More To Life (With Lutan Fyah)
3. Anything You Want
4. Man Of Truth (With Natty King)
5. A Nuh One Day
6. Paradise
7. Worlien
8. Dem Own Trap
9. Unity Is Strength (With Luciano)
10. Nah Go Reach
11. Musical Mission
12. Bruk Yuh Bread
13. Buss Dem Head
14. Empress
15. Ithiopia (With Yamia Bolo And Prince Bob)_




Al Pancho - Joy Bells Ringing


Lustre Kings

$9.19 | Jah Mason, Ras Attitude, Army, Pressure, Etc. - The Shining Riddim   Item 101032  UPC 810523010864

1. Jah Mason - Never Get Me Down
2. Vaughn Benjamin (Midnite) - Infinite Quality
3. Lyrical, Dainjamentalz, & Jah Dan - Draw Fi Mi Lighter
4. Pressure - Fire Is Getting Redder
5. I Lue - War In The Projects
6. Army - Fruits Of The Earth
7. Lutan Fyah - Fire In The Barn
8. Batch - Jah Law
9. Benjai - Stress You Bare
10. Turbulence - No Other Girl
11. Niyorah - Kick Up
12. Abja - In The Ghetto Streets
13. Natty King - Nah Chat To Dem
14. Ras Attitude - Dem Can't Escape
15. Brother Marcus - Praises
16. Al Pancho - Bruk Yu Bread And Share
17. Arkangel - What A Joy
18. Digital Ancient - Shining Version

BACKING VOCALS: Earl Smith Jr. Maria Smith And Andrea Blake
BASS: Baptiste Ibar
PERCUSSION: Bongo Herman

PRODUCED BY: Digital Ancient And King Corrin
MIXED BY: David Prout And Andrew "Moon" Bain
ENGINEERED BY: Andrew "Moon" Bain & David W. Prout



Jah Mason, Ras Attitude, Army, Pressure, Etc. - The Shining Riddim


Lustre Kings


The Shining rhythm

$13.89 | Jahdan Blakkamoore - Order Of Distinction   Item 192433  UPC 680474036035




Jahdan Blakkamoore - Order Of Distinction


Lustre Kings

$12.59 | Lustre Kings - Lustre Kings In Dub Volume 1   Item 121909  UPC 810523011915

1. Alarm Clock Version
2. Why Why Why Dub
3. Liberation Version
4. Don't Waste You Dub
5. Fortune Teller Version
6. Credential Version
7. Let's Get It Dub
8. If You Were Dub
9. Future Flow Dub
10. Proverbs Dub
11. Ithio First
12. Bubbler Dub
13. Shining Version
14. Talking Drum Version
15. Remedy Dub




Lustre Kings - Lustre Kings In Dub Volume 1


Lustre Kings

$10.89 | Lutan Fyah - Time And Place   Item 71520  UPC 633913998418

1. Don't Waste Your Time ( With Yami Bolo)
2. No More War
3. Fire In The Barn
4. As Long As Life Lasts
5. Speak Softly
6. Time And Place
7. Stress Free
8. Upliftment ( With Jah Dan Of Noble Society )
9. Rise And Shine
10. She's Like The Rainbow
11. Streets Of The Ghetto
12. Woman Of Principle

Rasta message chanted on lively roots rhythms. High quality.



Lutan Fyah - Time And Place


Lustre Kings

$13.89 | Midnite - Infinite Quality   Item 89123  UPC 810523010451

1. Dew
2. Right Here
3. Infinite Quality
4. Dem A Wondaa
5. Mic Row Assemble
6. Reala Law
7. Attacking The Doves
8. More Love
9. Forgiven
10. Grounds
11. Lose Everything
12. Frequency
13. Stay With His Majesty (Feat Lutan Fyah)
14. Hymns
15. Before David
16. Dominion
17. Provide
18. Heal Yourself

Another high-quality release! Great rhythms, and Vaughn Benjamin sounds better than ever.

VOCALS: Vaughn Benjamin, A. Bain, D. Campo
BASS: Rory Jackson, Bapitste Ibar, Jah David, Tippy I, Ray Genari
DRUMS: Emmanual Laine, Benbow Creary, Wadi Gad
GUITAR: Andrew Moon Bain, Diego Fuego Campo, Moon, Jah Oil, Mikey Gits
LEAD GUITAR: David Prout, Tuff Lio
KEYBOARDS: Dean Fishback, Isaac, Tippy I
HORNS: Frankie Ranks Moniz, Moon
SAX: Frankie Ranks Moniz
TROMBONE: Ray Genari
TRUMPET: Grayson Farmer
ORGAN: Nick Fantastic, Cameron Greenlee
SYNTHESIZER: Andrew Moon Bain, Fuego Campo
DRUM PROGRAMMING: Metaphysic, Tippy I,

PRODUCED BY: Digital Ancient
MIXED BY: Moon, David Prout, Gay Wounge, Laurent, Tippy I
MIXED AT: Sonic Cafe, Boo Studio, I Grade, Fantastic Beats, Jamhill, Dao Recording,



Midnite - Infinite Quality


Lustre Kings

$9.19 | Natty King, Jah Mason, Etc - Culture Dem Part 2: An Essential Collection Of Conscious Music   Item 75257  UPC 676941771820

1. Natty King, Al Pancho - Man Of Truth
2. Mark Messam - No Politics
3. Empress Michiboo - Breath Of Life
4. Turbulence - Music Is Life
5. Luciano - What Will They Think
6. Anthony B - Homegrown
7. Jah Mason - Share Some Knowledge
8. Natty King - See The Wicked Run
9. Natural Black - Straight Up
10. Norrisman - Welcome To Say
11. Luciano, Al Pancho - Unity Is Strength
12. Lutan Fyah - Stress Free
13. Yami Bobo, Capleton - Liberation
14. Jah Dan (Of Noble Society) - Beauty Of The Beast
15. Jah Mason - Never Get Me Down
16. Jah Marcus - Free Up
17. Determine, Rankin' Scroo - Who Yu
18. Spragga Benz - Love Ina Yu Heart
19. Lutan Fyah, Yami Bobo - Spread The Love

Very nice compilation of conscious dancehall. Features several songs on each of these rhythms: No Politics, Credential, Alarm Clock, Liberation, Shining, Talking Drum.



Natty King, Jah Mason, Etc - Culture Dem Part 2: An Essential Collection Of Conscious Music


Lustre Kings

$12.59 | Norris Man - Know The Road   Item 110736  UPC 879198002727

1. Sign Of The Times
2. Blessings Is All Yours
3. Power Of Love
4. Nah Pollute Your Faith (With Lutan Fyah)
5. Know The Road
6. Live Yuh Life Clean
7. When Your Time Is Up (With Pressure)
8. Thanks And Praises
9. We Try (With Ras Attitude)
10. No Boys Without Girls
11. Wish They Were There
12. King's Son
13. Got To Let You Know
14. Just Can't Get Over You (With Sabrina Pallini)
15. When Babylon A Burn
16. Where The Wind Blows
17. King Of King Of Kings (With Jah Dan)

17 audio tracks plus 'Signs of the Times' video.



Norris Man - Know The Road


Lustre Kings

$12.59 | Perfect Giddimani - Back For The First Time   Item 130257  UPC 879198007197

1. Eye Wata
2. Hold On Buju
3. See U When U Get There
4. Him Smile
5. The Highest Degree (Interlude)
6. Fakers (One Man Alone)
7. Mickle Meka Muckle
8. Mash Up Di Ting (With Ginjah)
9. Weed Is Better Than Liquor (Interlude)
10. Never Gonna Stop
11. Naturally
12. Slave Driver (Livicated To Peter Tosh)
13. Coming Up
14. Lion Haffi Roar
15. Doom's Day
16. Back For The First Time




Perfect Giddimani - Back For The First Time


Lustre Kings

$9.19 | Sizzla, Lutan Fyah, Yami Bolo, Anthony B, Etc. - Culture Dem   Item 55958  UPC 656613694626

1. Lutan Fyah - No More War
2. Yami Bolo - War And Revolution
3. Norris Man - Thunderous Sound
4. Jah Mason - Caring
5. Jah Marcus & Culture T - Share The Love
6. Ilue - The Sabbath
7. Al Pancho - Joy Bells
8. Turbulence - Bad In The Past
9. Sizzla - Worthy To Be Praised
10. Anthony B - Youth Turn Gangster
11. Mabrakat - Herb Inspiration
12. Al Pancho - Nah Live Clean
13. Jah Mason - Love Dem Up
14. Turbulence - Gone With The Wind
15. Capleton - Cyan Never See Dem
16. Sizzla - Crush Dem Out
17. King Shadrach - Rise My People
18. Norris Man - Culture Dem




Sizzla, Lutan Fyah, Yami Bolo, Anthony B, Etc. - Culture Dem


Lustre Kings

$10.89 | Turbulence - The Future   Item 62601  UPC 649035309520

1. Go And Tell The World
2. Bad In The Past
3. Life Over Death
4. Music Is Life
5. Nah Bluff
6. If You Were Mine
7. Let's Get It On
8. We Need Liberation (With Digital Ancient)
9. Selassie's The Way
10. Rainbow In The Sky
11. We Are (With Higher Trod)
12. Gone With The Wind
13. Revolution Pon Di Wicked
14. All I Require
15. Join Us




Turbulence - The Future


Lustre Kings

$1.79 | USED ITEM: Mr. T - Jah Every Time / Mr. T - Second Chance (ORIGINAL PRESS)   Item 179821

1. Mr. T - Jah Every Time
2. Mr. T - Second Chance

Vinyl Condition   = N-

Used record. Vinyl sounds new or very nearly new. Original JA press.




USED ITEM: Mr. T - Jah Every Time / Mr. T - Second Chance (ORIGINAL PRESS)


Lustre Kings

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