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$12.79 | Culture - Live In Negril: Reggae Live Collection   Item 60870  UPC 667713102539

1. Introduction
2. I Am Worried (About The Ghetto)
3. Peace And Love
4. Youthman
5. What A Gwan
6. Mister Music / Columbus
7. Money Girl
8. See Dem A Come
9. Never Get Weary / Jordan River

Real roots, performed by Joseph Hill, live in JAMAICA.

PRODUCED BY: Carl Thelwell, Ernest Boachie-Duah



Culture - Live In Negril: Reggae Live Collection


Roots & Culture

$10.49 | Eric Donaldson - 100 Percent Of Love   Item 74706  UPC 367713102644

1. Dangerous
2. How Will I Know
3. Run Come
4. Hypocrites
5. Lip Sing
6. One Hundred Percent Love
7. Jam Session
8. Help Them
9. Run Joe
10. Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten
11. Cherry Oh Baby
12. Lie To Me




Eric Donaldson - 100 Percent Of Love


Roots & Culture

$9.29 | Eric Donaldson - Beautiful Day   Item 44050  UPC 667713745620

1. Strange Whispering
2. Rock Me Gently
3. Come A Little Bit Closer
4. Beautiful Day
5. Out Of Reach
6. Picking On Me
7. I'm Indebted To You
8. Blackman Victory
9. Story Book Children
10. Sorry
11. Come Down Love
12. You'll See Me Again
13. Stand Up And Fight
14. Give Me A Chance
15. Shipwreck
16. Give Me Some Loving




Eric Donaldson - Beautiful Day


Roots & Culture

$10.49 | Eric Donaldson - Children Of Jah   Item 45486  UPC 667713101525

1. Jah Love
2. Penny Farthing
3. The System
4. Your Love
5. The Peel Headed John Crow
6. Doing It To Me Again
7. Natty Freak Weather
8. I Miss You
9. Ball O' Twine
10. All We Need Is Love
11. Falling In Love
12. Rock And Come Over
13. Wonderful World
14. I Mean It
15. I Want To Love You
16. Children Of Jah
17. Got To Get You Off My Mind
18. If I Were Loving You




Eric Donaldson - Children Of Jah


Roots & Culture

$6.99 | Eric Donaldson - In Action (with Sil Bell & Keith Coley)   Item 48834  UPC 667713102423

1. Eric Donaldson - We Can Come Together
2. Eric Donaldson - They Can't Take Our Culture
3. Eric Donaldson - Join Di Line
4. Eric Donaldson - Big It Up
5. Sil Bell - Lie She A Tell
6. Sil Bell - True True Loving
7. Sil Bell - Choose Your Lover
8. Sil Bell - Shu Kuu Lus
9. Keith Coley - Leggo Dat (Hottie Hottie)
10. Keith Coley - Dancing In The Street
11. Keith Coley - Give Me Some Time
12. Keith Coley - Hearts Beat Wild




Eric Donaldson - In Action (with Sil Bell & Keith Coley)


Roots & Culture

$10.49 | Eric Donaldson - Keep On Riding   Item 50806  UPC 667713102126

1. Keep On Riding
2. The Way You Do (The Things You Do)
3. Are You Thinking Of Him
4. I Think I Love You
5. Warm Love
6. Follow Me
7. You Must Believe
8. Look What You Have Done
9. A Weh We A Go Do
10. Blue Roots
11. Same Old Song
12. Am I Crying
13. Ain't Too Proud To Beg
14. Norma Jean

Classic '70's album from the very African-sounding voice that gave us the Jamaican hit "Cherry O Baby".

PRODUCED BY: Tommy Cowan, Eric Donaldson



Eric Donaldson - Keep On Riding


Roots & Culture

$7.29 | Gladiators - Alive & Fighting: Live 1997   Item 43709  UPC 667713427120

1. Naturality
2. Bongo Red
3. Roots Natty
4. Look Is Deceiving
5. Rice & Peas
6. Hello Carol
7. Write To Me
8. Jah Works
9. Getty Getty
10. Stick A Bush
11. Rude Boy Ska
12. Soul Rebel

Live versions of their roots classics.



Gladiators - Alive & Fighting: Live 1997


Roots & Culture

$10.29 | Max Romeo - Love Message (various artists)   Item 43707  UPC 667713506221

1. Derrick Morgan - War In A Babylon
2. Prince Allah - Jesse Black Stone
3. Jr. Matthews - In Love A With Geneni
4. Max Romeo - Holding Out My Love
5. Mathock - Coke Nuh Good
6. Max Romeo & Jr. Matthews - Love Message
7. Gary Paul - Straight To The Heart
8. Norman Chin - How Am I Suppose To Love You
9. Leopard - One Style Jockey
10. Gary Paul - Pledging My Love




Max Romeo - Love Message (various artists)


Roots & Culture

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