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Everything on the website is factory new unless the words "USED ITEM: " are displayed next to the item. In every search result, used items will appear after the new items if there are any used items in stock.

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$10.79 | 2 Of A Kind - From The Roots   Item 190740  UPC 781976059420

1. From The Roots
2. It's Raining
3. We'll Be Alright
4. Let It Go
5. Got A Hold On Me
6. Show Me
7. Till Summer Comes Around
8. Call Me
9. Rocky Road
10. Tuffest People
11. Higher Standards
12. Watch Over Us
13. Catch A Fire
14. Wholesome Love




2 Of A Kind - From The Roots


Upstairs Music

$4.99 | Carl Dawkins - Hard Times   Item 174511  UPC 781976058522

1. Hard Times
2. Mother's Child
3. Living For The City
4. Life Table
5. Eternal Love
6. Baby I Love You
7. Feel Good
8. Cry Me A River
9. Love You Tonight
10. Granulated Sugar
11. Witness
12. Gregory Croons A Tune
13. Lonely Teardrops
14. Sing A D Brown
15. Ethiopia The Unconquerable Land




Carl Dawkins - Hard Times


Upstairs Music

$13.49 | Dwight Pinkney - Picks Marley Melodies   Item 108503  UPC 781976046529

1. One Love
2. Jammin
3. Three Little Birds
4. Nice Time
5. Bingy Reggae
6. Let Him Go
7. Put It On
8. Simmer Down
9. Screwface
10. Trench Town Rock
11. No Woman No Cry
12. Waiting In Vain
13. Redemption Song

BACKING VOCALS: Dean Fraser, Limey Murray, Trevor Scatta Bonnick, Pam Hall, Psalms, Boris Gardiner, Grub Cooper, Patrice Pinkney, Debbie Powell, Desi Roots Young
BASS: Keith Francis
DRUMS: Sly Dunbar, Aubrey Manning, Carl Ayton, Grub Cooper
GUITAR: Dwight Pinkney
HORNS: Rass Brass, Dean Fraser, David Madden, Romeo Gray
PIANO: Lloyd Obeah Denton, Ansel Collins, Earl Fitzimmonds
ORGAN: Ansel Collins Earl Fitzsimmonds, Lloyd Obeah Denton
PERCUSSION: Bongo Herman, Grub Cooper, Steve Golding, Sticky Thompson



Dwight Pinkney - Picks Marley Melodies


Upstairs Music

$10.99 | Ken Boothe - Love Is The Ultimate   Item 62465  UPC 781976000927

1. Never Leave
2. Something On Your Mind
3. Miss Pleasant
4. Suddenly
5. Your Feeling And Mine
6. What Is Love
7. Black, Gold And Green
8. Injustice
9. Rainbow Love
10. Love IsThe Ultimate
11. Show And Tell
12. I And I And I
13. Prosperity
14. Rain Drops Keep Fallling

2003 release.



Ken Boothe - Love Is The Ultimate


Upstairs Music

$10.79 | Various - When I Fall In Love Riddim   Item 190741  UPC 781976059321

1. Ken Boothe - When I Fall In Love
2. Endel-I - My Woman For Life
3. Hassanah - Love Zone
4. Ambelique - You Were Made For Me
5. Marcia Ball - The Way You Make Me Feel
6. Glen Washington - Keep On Seeking
7. Hopeton Linda - You Change My Life
8. Keble Drummond - I Am Still Waiting
9. Shauna - Roll On
10. Visionary - It's You
11. 2 Of A Kind - Unfair Game
12. Tony Greene - When I Fall In Love (Instrumental)




Various - When I Fall In Love Riddim


Upstairs Music


When I Fall In Love rhythm

$10.49 | USED ITEM: Ken Boothe - Acclaimed   Item 162783

1. Christine
2. Bounded By Love
3. All Because Of Love
4. Jahnet
5. The Train Is Coming
6. My Only Answer
7. Real People
8. Last Drop Of Loving
9. Jubilation
10. Artibella
11. Artibella Remix
12. Unchained

Used CD. Guaranteed to play as new.

BACKING VOCALS: James Samuel, Leo Hall, BB Seaton
BASS: Lloyd Parks, Donovan Belnavis
DRUMS: Carl Ayton
GUITAR: Boo Richards, Bo Peep, Dwight Pinkney
KEYBOARDS: Mallory Williams, Robbie Lyn, Keith Sterling, Peter Pan, I Paul
HORNS: Tony Greene
SAX: Tony Greene, Glen DaCosta, Dean Fraser
TROMBONE: Bubbles Cameron
TRUMPET: David Madden, Arnold Brakenridge
PIANO: Gladdy
ADDITIONAL BACKING: Fire House Crew, Jahpostles Band

PRODUCED BY: Danny Breakenridge, Ken Boothe, Tony Greene, P Gauntlett, BB Seaton, Gradison
RECORDED AT: Vibes House, Heavy Beat, I-Tek, Star Trail, Hollywood Studios, Music Works
MIXED BY: Bunny Tom Tom, Scientist, I Paul, Sylvan Morris, Fatta, Garfield



USED ITEM: Ken Boothe - Acclaimed


Upstairs Music

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