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$13.89 | Ali Birra - Ammalele (Tip-on)   Item 142355

1. Siin Baarbaada
2. Ishururuu
3. Silaa Murtii Beeke
4. Hawaash
5. Kophaa Koo
6. Abbaa Lafaa
7. Ammalele

Tip-on jacket  What's this?

With the western world's recent access to the Ethiopian music of the 1970's, the focus has been almost solely on the Amhara music of Addis Ababa. The Oromo people, the largest ethnic group, hasn't been equally represented. Ali Birra, the biggest Oromo star and a hero to his people was so beloved that he did break into the Amhara dominated record market. Learning how to play the guitar using the tuning for an oud, the sound is as much Arabic as Ethiopian. After two years singing in the Imperial Body Guard Band alongside Mahmoud Ahmed and Tilahun Gessesse, and a brief hiatus from music, he made these recordings backed up by the Aduu Birra Band. With a prevalent joy and catchy sing along style, Ali sings songs of love, misery, and beating the oppressor. Comes with liner notes and translations of the lyrics from Oromo to English.



Ali Birra - Ammalele (Tip-on)


Domino Sound

$13.89 | Krewe Of Eris - The Feats Of The Appetites Od Eris   Item 142710

1. Miss Precious Little
2. Artemesia The Small-Headed Gopher
3. Book Of Five
4. Sick Legged Elephant
5. Double Bunny
6. The Swarm
7. Din Din
8. Onwu Ama Dike

Live street recording of the annual pre-Mardi Gras parade called Krewe of Eris in New Orleans. Field recording by way of overhead microhones captures the 62-piece band along with the parade ambience. Recorded 2009.



Krewe Of Eris - The Feats Of The Appetites Od Eris


Domino Sound

$13.89 | Various - A Orillas Del Magdelena (Tip-on)   Item 142354

1. Los Corraleros De Majagual - Cumbia Campesina
2. Los Guacharacos - Baila Rosita
3. Conjunto Tipico Vallenato - Cumbia Cienaguera
4. Nafer Duran Y Su Conjunto - A Orillas Del Magdalena
5. Banda Y Coros Campesinos De Repelon - Macondo
6. Los Guacharacos - Esperma Y Ron
7. Combo Los Galleros - Soledad
8. Andres Landero Y Su Conjunto - Cumbia En La India
9. Los Cubiamberos De Pacheco - Santo Domingo
10. Eliseo Herrera Y Su Conjunto - El Mangle
11. Los Gavilanes De La Costa - Los Gavilanes
12. Carlos Roman Y Su Conjunto - Cumbia Negra

Tip-on jacket  What's this?

Coastal Cumbias from Colombia's Discos Fuentes. Call and response wailing, percussionists that play a measure then disappear, backwards accordions and a persistent, loping bassline comprise some of the elements that make up the Cumbia. Born on the banks of the Magdalena River in coastal Colombia, this infectious music represents a marriage of African, Spanish, and Indigenous influences. Antonio Fuentes began recording Colombia's music in 1934 founding his country's first record label, Discos Fuentes. These 12 gems -- released between the mid 1950s and the mid '70s -- are lovingly selected from the Discos Fuentes catalogue. Includes tracks by Andres Landero, Los Corraleros de Majagual, Los Guacharacos, and Nafer Duran amongst others.



Various - A Orillas Del Magdelena (Tip-on)


Domino Sound

$13.89 | Various - Wedding Songs   Item 142356

1. Wondemiye
2. Anasgebbam Berrun
3. Asha Gedawo
4. Yihe New Wey Mizesh
5. Yeweyn Abebaye
6. Ahun Demkesh Abebaye
7. Yebete Zemedu
8. Kulun Man Kwaleshi
9. Mehedwa New
10. Hay Loga
11. Indalayesh
12. Indiyaw Yemiru
13. Yegnama Mushera
14. Musherit Lemdallech

Originally released on Philips Ethiopia in 1973 this seemingly impossible to find LP is available once again to the lucky humans of the world. With a mix of modern and traditional instruments these fourteen songs go through the progression of an Ethiopian Amhara wedding sung in Amharic. With the trio of singers, Lemma G. Hiwot, Zenebech Tesfaye, and Selamawit G. Selassie, alternating turns at the microphone, and sharing call and response duties, a relentless frenzy of hand clapping incites dancing and smiles. The consumption of tedj (honeywine) and the swirling love of a wedding was captured in the studio with euphoric energy to take away to play over and over again when the festivities are over. With hand screened covers and an insert of wedding photos accompanying the liner notes, this is the next best thing to an invitation to the real thing.



Various - Wedding Songs


Domino Sound

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