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"VP/Greensleeves" 6 items found


$14.79 | Alborosie - Dub The System   Item 172329  UPC 054645701310

1. Intro Dub
2. Dub The Dancehall
3. Play Fool Dub
4. Dub Concern
5. Who Run The Dub
6. Train To Dub
7. Dub Thanks
8. Dub Your Mouth
9. Don't Pressure Dub
10. Positive Dub
11. Dub Warrior




Alborosie - Dub The System



$14.79 | Alborosie - Sound The System   Item 167973  UPC 054645701013

1. Play Fool To Catch Wise
2. Rock The Dancehall
3. Zion Train (With Kymani Marley)
4. Who Run The Dance
5. Goodbye (With Nina Zilli)
6. To Whom It May Concern
7. There Is A Place (With Kemar)
8. Don't Pressure It
9. Warrior (With Nature)
10. Give Thanks (With The Abyssinians)




Alborosie - Sound The System



$24.59 | Augustus Pablo - Original Rockers (2LP)   Item 204525  UPC 054645703918

1. Rockers Dub
2. Up Warrika Hill
3. Cassava Piece
4. Pablo's Dub Song
5. Jah Dread
6. Brace A Boy
7. Thunder Clap
8. Park Lane Special
9. New Style
10. AP Special
11. Leroy Sibbles - Love Won't Come Easy
12. Mountain View Dub
13. Big Youth - Cassava Rock
14. King Tubby - King Tubbys Dub Song
15. King Tubby - King Tubbys Dub Song (Version 2)
16. Jah Dread (7" Version)
17. Brace A Boy (Version 2)
18. Tribalist
19. Lightning Flash
20. Africa Dub
21. Bongo Pat - Young Generation
22. AP Special (Version 2)

2-LP Set
Gatefold jacket  What's this?

Greatly expanded edition includes many of the original vocal versions, as well as 6 bonus dubs. One of the greatest dub albums of all time!

VOCALS: Dillinger, Clive, Augustus Pablo, Paul K, Hugh Mundell
BASS: Robbie, Familyman
DRUMS: Carlton Barrett
GUITAR: Chinna
TENOR SAX: Dirty Harry
TROMBONE: Vin Gordon
TRUMPET: Bobby Ellis
PIANO: Augustus Pablo
ORGAN: Augustus Pablo
MELODICA: Augustus Pablo

PRODUCED BY: Augustus Pablo
RECORDED AT: Dynamic, Channel One
MIXED BY: Phillip Smart, King Tubby, Prince Jammy
MIXED AT: King Tubby's



Augustus Pablo - Original Rockers (2LP)



$13.79 | Barry Brown - Showcase (Prince Jammy Presents Barry Brown)   Item 169874  UPC 054645700313

1. Best Things In Life (Extended Mix)
2. Concious Dread (Extended Mix)
3. Aint Gonna Turn Back (Extended Mix With Errol Scorcher)
4. It Ago Dread (Extended Mix)
5. School Days (Extended Mix)

One of the greatest albums in the history of roots reggae. Ultra-heavy rhythms, extended mixes, Barry Brown singing his voice out, and 100% conscious lyrics. We can't say this is Prince Jammy at his peak because he pretty much was always at his peak. The only excuse for not buying this one is that you already own two copies.



Barry Brown - Showcase (Prince Jammy Presents Barry Brown)



$14.79 | Johnny Osbourne - Folly Ranking   Item 169873  UPC 054645700214

1. Mr. Walker
2. Jah Ovah
3. Cool Down
4. Trench Town School
5. Fret You A Fret
6. Folly Ranking
7. Love Song
8. Live Right
9. Mr. Marshall
10. Tim Is Getting Dread

Not to be confused with the Fally Lover LP, although a great album in it's own right, Folly Ranking is an early Jammys production. Out of print for over 30 years. You can now buy it for 95% less than the $200-$250 we've sold the originals for. Great album.

BASS: Robbie, Micky
DRUMS: Sly Dunbar, Santa
LEAD GUITAR: Dougie Bryan, Boo Peep
HORNS: Pobby Ellis, Deadly Headly
PIANO: Gladdy, Ansel Collins, Kieth Sterling
ORGAN: Winston Wright, Ansel Collins
PERCUSSION: Scully, Sticky
HARMONICA: Johnny Bumpy Osbourne




Johnny Osbourne - Folly Ranking



$14.79 | Noel Phillips - Youth Man Vibrations   Item 169876  UPC 054645700412

1. Youth Man
2. Pauline
3. Looking Someone
4. Living In The Ghetto
5. Jah No Dead
6. Money Man Skank
7. Jungle Living
8. Love Light
9. Be My Woman
10. Slavery Days

A very rare Prince Jammys production from 1981! Featuring some fantastic and heavy rhythms (Something On My Mind, Letter From Zion, Weatherman Skank, etc.) Sort of a Barry Brown/Lacksley Castell singing style. Pure roots! Noel Phillips recorded this at the age of just 17 and was later known as Echo Minott.

BASS: Robbie Shakespeare
DRUMS: Sly Dunbar
GUITAR: Dougie, Bo Peep
HORNS: Bobby Ellis, Deadly Headley
PIANO: Gladdy Anderson
ORGAN: Ansel Collins, Winston Wright
PERCUSSION: Skully, Sticky

PRODUCED BY: Prince Jammy



Noel Phillips - Youth Man Vibrations



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