The Budos Band - The Proposition (Instrumental)  /  The Budos Band - Ghost Walk (Instrumental)




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Budos Band, The

The Proposition (Instrumental) / Budos Band - Ghost Walk (Instrumental)


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Budos Band, The - The Proposition (Instrumental)

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Budos Band - Ghost Walk (Instrumental)

Album review for The Budos Band - The Proposition (Instrumental)  /  The Budos Band - Ghost Walk (Instrumental)

Well, well, well. This is really something. The Budos are really rubbing it in our faces now, aren't they. Okay, fellas, we get it. You're the Quintessence of Staten Island Soul. You're a big ol' hunk of Afro-Instrumental Alright. You're the tops. You're the Colliseum. You're the Louvre museum. But when will it end! This stuff, this music, it's too much really. It's so... Oh I don't know... You. It's so you to do something like this. To go ahead and cut another record that makes me feel like this. Now, of all times. When I just want to go about my business like everyone else. Now I have to stop everything, quit my job, buy two copies of this, and try to start smoking. I really didn't need this. Not now. Not now. Made in USA, high-quality vinyl!

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