USED ITEM:  Beatles, The - The Beatles 1958-1962 (Box set)(LP+Book) USED ITEM:  Beatles, The - The Beatles 1958-1962 (Box set)(LP+Book)



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Beatles, The

The Beatles 1958-1962 (Box set)(LP+Book)





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Album review for USED ITEM:  Beatles, The - The Beatles 1958-1962 (Box set)(LP+Book)

This item is new and still in factory shrink wrap. The cardboard box has a small dent/tear. EBrecords "EXTRA CARE" packaging: Since this item is a box set, we go beyond our usual "overkill" strong packaging to make sure it will arrive in perfect condition. No mail-order music company packages orders with the same care and durability as EBrecords. This item will be securely double-boxed, with a wide spacer between the boxes so that it can absorb massive abuse during transit. Our packaging is designed so that the box can be dropped several times from 5 feet high onto a corner without damaging the contents. Our boxes can be dropped, kicked, ran over, or even dropped from a helicopter (the exact words from a customer's feedback review). Everything we sell is packed with this in mind, however we wanted to let you know that we go even further when packaging box sets. Of course, there is not additional charge for this extra care; your shipping cost can be viewed in your shopping cart as usual. Order with 100% confidence from EBrecords, because delivery in factory-new condition is guaranteed.

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