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Due to popular demand, Ernie B's Reggae Distribution (EBreggae) has expanded into a one-stop distributor and mail-order company for ALL MUSIC GENRES. Since 1993 we've been the best source for reggae music, and our new mission is nothing less than to be the best source for all music. We've branched out into all music, while retaining our reggae roots. Follow our two Twitter feeds: @EBrecordsDist (VIP deals & secret sales on all types of music) and @EBrecordsREGGAE (VIP deals & secret sales for reggae music).

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We designate items that we highly recommend as "Essential Picks". This is done after careful consideration, based on our opinion and customer feedback. However, please note that there are many, many more "Essential" items on our website that have not yet been designated as "Essential Picks". This is an ongoing process, and we will continue the arduous process of attempting to designate all highly recommended items as "Essential Picks". So, there will always be many items on our website that are "Essential" even though they have not yet been designated as such. Your input is always welcome!

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Chris Stainton





Racing Cars

76-06 30th Anniversar...




Jr. Dread

A Wah Dat / Upsette...

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B Fromton

Get Ourselves Togethe...


Brent Dowe

It Was Love / Lovin...


Chester McBean & The M...

Rain Drops / Rain D...


Derrick Morgan

People's Decision...


Home T 4

Stop Children...


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Soldier & Police War...


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That Woman / Johnny...


Judy Mowatt

Pour Some Sugar / J...


Judy Mowatt & The I Th...

What A Experience...


Lenox Anderson

Don't Run Away / Ve...



Fire Fire / Rooseve...


Roy Richards

Friends And Company...


Sister Lou & The Big B...

We Gonna Find You...


Teddy Davis

Tears From My Eyes...


The Main Attraction

Love / Augustus Pab...


Tino Lewinson

Easy Squeeze / Vers...


Wes Brooks

My Mind Is Made Up...


Graham Parker

Passion Is No Ordinar...


Talking Heads

Sand In The Vaseline...



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